Thursday, January 28, 2010

scammer Ken Silver

I do not normally write things about people online but after doing some reading there are a lot of unhappy customers that have purchased E books and other products he has for sale , such as his honest lotto system. Honest Ken , Like hell , he says he will refund your money if not satisfied.
He will not even answer any emails .

I purchased or supposed to have purchased a mini website to market this honest lotto system, for $97.00 AU and become an affiliate selling his products online, well he is a scammer ,i thought i would give it a go marketing online,but i have fallen victim to this man and his useless products that he did not even deliver.

He said to go to Clickbank and register with them which i did ,and then he would get a site organised ,but I have never seen it, so i sent an email, now about 5 emails ,i think i will jam up his email box with hundreds of emails.

I think google should stop him from advertising on their site, i think clickbank should ban his products,and all the people that have been ripped off by this man should be refunded there lost money. It is not a lot of money but how many times does he do it , and get away with it. hundreds thousands, some of the sites he promotes his products should ban him.

The office of fair trading should be notified in Australaia and overseas in New Zealand as thats where he lives and they should take action against him as a known scammer,just search his name online in Google.

I also purchased another E book called The Easy Chair Millionaire , as the title indicates you would think that this book will be a rip off as the name sort of indicates, well guess what ?
You are right again.

Ken Silver definitely has the silver tongue wth his words and his writing , scamming people to buy products that do not deliver what he says that he will .

It is false advertising and the government should ban people like ken Silver and other con artists,that are out to take your money .

I downloaded his Book Easy Chair Millionaire, which is a book that i thought would teach me how to market products online and become an affliliate seller of other peoples E books and programs etc, using clickbank, as a means to seek out the sellers who pay you a comission for selling their product ,whatever their product . This is how Ken Silver makes his Millions by selling products that do not deliver what he says they will. I have not had the opportunity to test out clickbank as i was waiting for my promised mini web site to market a lotto system first, now i know its a scam i want no part of it, but would like a refund as promised,by his money back guarantee, but i guess i will never see that , but i do want this guy Ken Silver to get what he really deserves .
Hopefully he gets banned online by all the marketing companies that are allowing him to operate and scam people.Let me know your thoughts.